1. High-precision screen printer:

The main application of high-precision screen printing, such as glass, PCB, cold light slice, flower paper. Simple, printed pattern precision, the accuracy of digital sets; whole machine PLC control, move up-down , printing linear guides are used, the motor.

2.High-precision cover screen printing machine:

Should be used primarily touch screen cover, PCB industry. Casting work platform, precision grinding, flatness, small deformation, accurate printing precision digital sets.

3. Automatic screen printing machine:

Mainly used in the field of cosmetics, beverages, food, stationery, washing, filtration, etc. all kinds of plastic bottles, plastic hoses, filters printing. Automatic production line can also be designed according to customer requirements.

4.Other ancillary products:

Operating the Senior ink, screen printing squeegee, Silk screen mesh, PAD printing plastic, blade, solvent printing accessory products

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